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New group for mental health professionals, psychotherapists and counsellors.

Monthly group of three to four hours, with limited numbers.

Format: a short creative exercise to open the session. Followed by time for each member to bring a client or clients or explore some aspect of their supervision process within the group.


Experience and Training

Currently training  in the Seven-eyed model of Supervision with CSTD in Bath  (completing March 2024).

First session is £25 either as a group member or individual supervision.

Then £50 for 1 hour individual.

or £50 for each group session (3-4 hours) monthly.

Groups will be closed groups once required number of members reached (4 to 6 people)

Get on the List

Sign up on the contact tab above to ask further details, enquire about times, dates, places or book an initial, free of charge, individual session or try a group session. 

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