About You

This is for you and about you. What seems to be troubling you?

I wonder what's going through your mind as you read that.

I'd be interested to hear about it.

Perhaps you like the idea of a space for you to air and share an ongoing problem you've had for a while, and you feel now is the time to do this.

Or has something major happened, illness, a bereavement, retirement, a relationship breakdown, that has shaken your world and you are having trouble coping with everyday life, right now?

Perhaps a relationship issue means you need clarification to explore your options, or unfinished business from the past is affecting what is going on now.

You may simply be curious about counselling, wondering what it's all about, have thought about trying it, but fear it will be self-indulgent or make things worse.

Unless you've had counselling or psychotherapy before, you may have no idea what it is like, or whether it is right for you, right now. An initial assessment may help clarify concerns and help you decide whether to stop there, try another six sessions, or continue longer. 

Please feel free to contact me for further information.